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I love desu!

So, me and Jen came upon some interesting (incriminating) 'stuff' while searching on google today. See, we figured, most of the guys use the same screen names for everything. And they do. They really do.

I bring you:



O_O Riiiiight


And we have a hell no.

Aug 21 2003, 20:13 PM
Heres a conversation i had with Rick, now i cut out a few dumb things he said during the story , but i made it all up in my head as i went along. Its not perfect but tell me what you think. And remember when i lived in my old apartments i was in horrible moods because i was never really liked by many and adults wanted me to disappear, yet i craved attention and all that mumbo jumbo , just read and tell me if its ok... :???: :deal:

SquareSoftKnight: but yea i couldnt kill him

SquareSoftKnight: unless..

gopederick: u'll quit this nonsense when hl2 comes out biggrin.gif

SquareSoftKnight: well nevermind im over those emotions of pure killing

gopederick: HL alll that way!

SquareSoftKnight: i remember one night... 1 year ago...

SquareSoftKnight: i took out my sword... i felt nothing inside , but a desire to fulfill...

gopederick: exacly a year ago? or just some random night?

SquareSoftKnight: random, but anywho

SquareSoftKnight: i walked outside, and i walked... waiting for one un fortunate soul to come about..

SquareSoftKnight: open'd the gate of the apartment complex and headed to the other side of the apartments...

SquareSoftKnight: as i walked along the side walk i heard a gate slam shut , and i looked up and saw her, she saw me and caught a glance of my sword and we both froze...

SquareSoftKnight: my face remained as cold and dead as before... and i raised my stance

SquareSoftKnight: she panicked ... too scared to move

SquareSoftKnight: i sprinted toward her with this silent desire

SquareSoftKnight: i raised the bottom of my hilt and hit her to the ground with the bottom of the sword

gopederick: go on...

SquareSoftKnight: she now had a slight cut in her head the crimson red flowing down her head as she cried ...

SquareSoftKnight: i gripped my blade upside down and was about to thrust the blade into her neck ... i began to thrust downward , when i heard her say something so faint it could barely be heard.... " i .. love you .. God.."

SquareSoftKnight: i dont know why but it struck me somehow as if guilt had become an emotion of mine...

SquareSoftKnight: i didnt understand why i stopped... i had no feelings of guilt , why had her pathetic plea stopped my blade?

SquareSoftKnight: i put my sword away, and knelt next to her, i pulled out the cloth which was meant to clean my sword of her blood, and cleaned the blood from her head.

gopederick: and what did she do?

SquareSoftKnight: strangely this person i had just tried to kill ... smiled at me... i felt a warmth of home ... it had been so long since i had seen my first home ... i missed the forest , and creek with the leaves russeling in the wind...

SquareSoftKnight: as i gathered my thoughts and came back into reality , she had gotten up somehow and was standing in the middle of the circle like road in front of the complex, stareing at the sky, her hands folded together in prayer...

SquareSoftKnight: she turned to me and said , "Im proud of you... embrace what is lost to you."

SquareSoftKnight: My head was now full of thoughts and emotions , which were both confused....

SquareSoftKnight: i didnt know if i should say something.. or go up and hold her in my arms... before i could say something she vanished as the words vanished off my lips...

gopederick: keep going

SquareSoftKnight: a cold wind blew across the land... it felt significant somehow and then the hairs on my body stood witht hat mysterious feeling... among the wind lay the words, "Things will change in time... What has happened in the past will return... Just as you find happiness and true love... the word you know will be torn apart, and your love crushed... in those times of turmoil a man will arise with a sword... fuel'd by memories of the past he wields a great power to vanquish the evil which sought to destroy his emotions and bring back the heart-less murderer... Only when you realize who you are will be able to confront your destiny."

SquareSoftKnight: i stood up , i felt as if i could live normally now and returned home , i nailed a mount on the wall and hung my sword up... untill the time comes for me to wield it returns... i assured myself i would follow the side of virtue... but to have felt true love was something i did not know of... i was nervous now... what willl i do when i lose it all...? I laid down and prayed , please help me remain strong God."

SquareSoftKnight: ThE EnD

gopederick: w0000t!

gopederick: yay the end!

SquareSoftKnight: You like it? that never really happened but the setting was a real place

SquareSoftKnight: maybe i should be a writer tongue.gif

gopederick: an aparment complex?

gopederick: lol

gopederick: u wrote that?

gopederick: post it in the forums and see what ppl think :shifty:

SquareSoftKnight: i made it up as i went along

gopederick: i could tell by the long pauses

gopederick: it's good

gopederick: but apartment complex?

SquareSoftKnight: if i told you the shit i went through in that place you would understand better

SquareSoftKnight: and show'd you a picture

SquareSoftKnight: its almost a perfect concrete circle at the front building with 2 gates on the left and right

SquareSoftKnight: which come off the main road

SquareSoftKnight: if i ever get a chance ill take a picture of it to show you what i mean

gopederick: i pictured u hoping a gate and running to a girl that was in the middle of a street but stopping beofre u got to her so that u could do u freezing act

gopederick: hurm

gopederick: work on the setting a bit

gopederick: i though u where in a street ohmy.gif

SquareSoftKnight: no

SquareSoftKnight: sidewalk

SquareSoftKnight: if i show'd you a picture u would understand

gopederick: mkay

SquareSoftKnight: i should have explained more detail

gopederick: it's all good

Sooo Alanna, if you should 'happen' to look at this all at the apartment at all. Seriously, feel free to share with the group ^_^
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